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Achieving Clarity: The Best-Kept Secret of High-Performance Government

Presented by: 
Nick Kittle, Government Performance and Innovation Coach, Cartegraph

While transparency and open data initiatives are springing up across the country, there is a shocking lack of clarity initiatives—and you better believe there's a difference. But, are we after the wrong goal? What is a clarity initiative? Nick Kittle, Cartegraph's government performance and innovation coach, will walk through how clarity works, the power of achieving clarity in high-performance government, and how you can make it work for your organization!

About Nick Kittle 
As Cartegraph's government performance and innovation coach, Nick Kittle uses a variety of techniques to help assess and improve organizational readiness along the journey to becoming a high-performance government. This includes helping the public sector build more effective and innovative teams, develop more efficient processes, and produce measurable, actionable results.