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About Index Mappings

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Index Mappings are created and edited in Asset Condition Manager, in the Condition Categories tab.

Index Mappings is a child recordset of the Condition Category library. Index Mappings are used when condition categories are measured during an inspection of an asset. During an inspection, when a measured value is selected/entered, the system looks at the index mappings for that condition category to determine the Index for that inspected condition category. If a Condition Category does not have Index Mappings and requires them a warning indicator displays on that Condition Category.

Index Mapping Requirements

  • Not allowed for Condition Categories with a Type of Index
  • Must have at least one for Condition Categories with a Type of Option
  • Must have at least two for all other Condition Category Types
  • Sorted descending by Index
  • Cannot have duplicate Values
  • Can have duplicate Indexes
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