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Automation Tips and Tricks

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These tips discuss ways to successfully create your own automations in Automation Manager.

  • Always test in a test environment first.
  • Some automations are very elaborate and tedious to do a second time. If you can, once you create the automation and make it live, create a backup and refresh your test environment. In the test environment, you have a copy of the automation now for testing. Copy anything you tweaked in the test copy back to the live copy for the final version.

Back up and refresh the test a second time and test once more before activating the live version.

  • Diagramming an automation before you set it up sometimes helps to figure out what you need to do.
  • Sometimes, when creating advanced filters, you do not know what field name to use. Create a dummy condition block and choose the field you want to get and compare that to a value (like null or 0). Then click on the (s) to get the full field name.
  • Use a text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++, to build your advanced filters, then copy them into the browser from there. This allows you to better visualize what you are typing up and try different variations of setting it up.
  • Programmers like to debug. You can do this by sending yourself an email at the more complicated parts with the fields you need to see.