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About Background Scheduled Tasks

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

This features allows you to schedule background tasks that keep data up-to-date. The tasks are scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler 2.0 on the Application server with access to the Web server. These tasks take a long time to process and should be scheduled to take place during non-work hours. Access the Scheduled Process Log to review the results of the scheduled tasks.

Tasks to schedule include:

Cartegraph GIS Synchronizer

Cartegraph recommends running this task nightly. Integrates Cartegraph records with feature attributes in an Esri geodatabase. Any changes made to Cartegraph records that are part of an active GIS Integration in Cartegraph are synchronized to the corresponding feature attributes in ArcGIS. Any changes made to Esri feature attributes partaking in an active GIS Integration are synchronized to the corresponding Cartegraph records.

Cartegraph Asset Condition Recalculator

Cartegraph recommends running this task weekly. The recalculation may take several hours to complete. Cartegraph recommends scheduling the task in the evening as soon as most people in your organization have left work for the day. An Asset's estimated condition declines over time, requiring the regular recalculation of data like the Estimated OCI. This utility connects to the Cartegraph database and recalculates assets condition for all non-retired assets.

Cartegraph Repeating Work Order Creator

Creates future work orders in advance of the work needing to be complete. Cartegraph recommends running this task daily.

Cartegraph Preventative Maintenance Processor

Preventative Maintenance condition-based triggers may create tasks based on any changes in Asset's OCI or other plan criteria.

When Cartegraph is set up to run a scheduled import, scheduled export or scheduled notifications additional tasks will be scheduled:

Cartegraph DataXChanger for < format file name.imx>

Processes import or export for the specified format file.

Cartegraph Scheduled Notifications Processor

Triggers notifications for records which fit the defined criteria.

When setting up the triggers, the date and time should have the correct offsets to correspond to the customer's time zone. For example, for the server in the Central time zone hosting an Arizona customer, set the trigger date and time to 2 hours in the past.

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