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Restore Database

These instructions apply to on-premise deployments only.

  1. Before you begin:
    • Create a full backup of the existing database.
    • Create a copy of the existing Project Home.
  2. Stop the Application Server App Pool and Report Pool.
  3. Stop the Web Server App Pool.
  4. Restore the SQL database.
  5. Make sure the App Pool user for the Application Server App Pool (for the site you are restoring to) has DBO access to the database.
  6. Merge or replace the Project Home files.
  7. Start the Application Server App Pool and Report Pool.
  8. Start the Web Server App Pool.
  9. If you are refreshing your test database from production:
    • Disable GIS Integrations
    • Disable Notifications, if desired.
  10. Make sure the Project Home is set correctly in System Settings.
  11. Run a Publish.
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