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About the Error Log

The Cartegraph Error Log contains two types of errors: server-side and client-side.  In Cartegraph, we detect these errors on the user’s machine, and send them to the server to be logged. Client-side errors should be very rare, as they generally indicate a fault in the code.

Publish and ArcGIS errors also display in the error log.

  • Server-side errors take place on the server, and generally occur due to faulty business logic or database issues.
  • Client-side errors occur in JavaScript on the user’s machine and display in the Error log type as ClientSide.
  • ArcGIS sync error displays which recordset and field failed to sync.
  • Publish errors have CodeGenException as the source of the error.
  • The error log displays dates and times in the time zone of the server hosting Cartegraph, which may differ from the time zone where Cartegraph is running.
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