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Cannot Add Asset Type

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

While trying to create a record that is in a geoassociated recordset, there is an issue connecting to the GIS Server or Feature Service, the following message displays:

Cannot contact ArcGIS so the record cannot be saved. Ask your System Administrator for help.

Quick Fix

Verify the GIS Server connection in Manage Servers.

  1. In Cartegraph Administration, select GIS Integration.
  2. Click Manage Servers.
  3. Select the corresponding server.
  4. Click Edit to enable the Test the Connection button.
  5. Click Test the Connection.

A more detailed message displays if the test fails.

Verify the GIS Integration Association.

  1. In Cartegraph Administration, select GIS Integration.
  2. View the corresponding association.
  3. Verify the connection is valid and there is no yellow bar warning message over the Field Associations.

In ArcGIS Server Manager, verify the corresponding Service is Started.


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