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ArcGIS Integration for Work Orders

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

An ArcGIS Indentity is required.

Work Orders do not contain any geometry data. Work Orders can be integrated with a feature class or a table. The geometry information relevant to a work order is stored in the associated Tasks.

One-Way Integration

The integration of Work Orders with Esri is a one-way integration, from Cartegraph to Esri. All adds, edits, and deletes in Cartegraph push to Esri. Any changes in Esri are overwritten by what is in the Cartegraph system on a nightly basis.


Cartegraph allows for the user to filter which Work Order records integrate with Esri. Setup the filter for a smaller subset of Work Order records to be integrated. For example, all Work Orders where the start date falls within a specific date range or only integrating Work Orders with a specific Status.

Once a Work Order falls out of the filter range it is removed from Esri when either the Work Order is updated or a background sync is performed.


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