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Spatial Import Data Source Files

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The data source file or spreadsheet containing spatial data to import to Cartegraph must be carefully arranged.

Cartegraph supports only the Lat/Long coordinate system. If the data source spatial data uses another coordinate system, convert to latitude and longitude during the import.

All spatial Import files must contain a unique field to check for duplicates, such as the ID.     

Point Assets

A single coordinate is used to store spatial data for point assets such as signs, supports, or manholes. X and Y need to exist for each record.

Data may be arranged in any way. Include any fields to be imported into the Cartegraph database as well as the <Spatial X> and <Spatial Y> information.

Sample data source file:


Linear and Polygon Assets

Linear assets such as pavement, pipes, or bridges contain multiple coordinates. The asset must contain a minimum of two unique points. If only one point exists the import reports an error.

Polygon assets such as facilities, storm basins, or ponds contain multiple coordinates.  The asset must contain a minimum of four points with three unique points.

Include any field to import into the Cartegraph database as well as the <Spatial X> and <Spatial Y> information.

Sort the coordinates for line or polygon records by asset ID and Spatial X or Spatial Y fields. Unsorted coordinates may result in a zigzag line.

For polygon assets, the first and last coordinates of the polygon must be the same. If the data file does not contain the identical coordinates for the record, a duplicate of the first vertex is created to close the polygon.

Sample data source file for one record with an ID of 1:


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