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Layout Manager Features

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

Recordset Selector

  • Any Top-Level Recordset can be selected from the selector.
  • Any Child, Grandchild, Great-Grandchild, etc. can be selected from the selector.
  • When selecting a child recordset, the selector displays the recordset hierarchy.
  • When the recordset name extends beyond the size of the chooser, an ellipsis displays.
  • Hovering over the selector when an ellipsis is present displays a tool tip of the entire selected recordset’s hierarchy.
  • You can click outside the open selector to hide it.
  • Selecting a recordset populates the sidebar’s lower area with fields and grids.

View Type Selector

  • List, Detail, and Lookup view types are present
  • Functionality exists to enable DEBUG editing for mini map tip and Summary tips.
  • If a selection has been made with the recordset chooser, selecting a View Type will load that screen from the database into the layout builder area.
  • Fields can be dragged from the sidebar on to the layout, following System Section/Custom rules.
  • Fields, on insert into the layout, explodes into a preview version of the field.
  • Drag grids from the sidebar on to the layout, following System Section/Custom rules.
  • Grids, on insert into the layout, will explode into a mostly-functional grid.
  • Placeholders display in the layout area when a field/grid may be dropped.
  • New sections to the layout default to Custom section type.
  • The user receives a prompt for a section name after clicking the button.
  • Clicking cancel does not add a new section.
  • Clicking OK adds a new section if and only if they provided a section name. If no section name was provided, no new section is added.
  • The new section is added to the bottom.
  • The new section can be re-ordered.
  • The new section can receive both sidebar fields and fields from another section.
  • The new section shall display Rename, Add Group Header, and Remove buttons on hover.
  • Add section button remains disabled until a view has been loaded.
  • The Layout should scroll to the new section after adding it.

Clear Sections

  • Clicking on Clear removes only Custom sections and their fields from the layout. System Sections and Expandable are not removed.
  • Users are asked for confirmation when clicking Clear.
  • Clear shouldn’t do anything on Index or Lookup views.
  • Clear sections button remains disabled until a view is loaded.

Section Filter

  • Available only on the Tasks Detail view layout for user-defined sections
  • Filters determine when the section displays in the view based on the selected asset and activity combination.
  • These sections display on the Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One apps.
  • The Actions menu has options to:
    • Clear All Filters: Clears all filter rows.
    • Copy Filters: Copies all filter rows to be used in a different filter.
    • Paste Copied Filters: Pastes copied filters from one section to another, or between one custom Task Detail view to another custom Task Detail view.


  • Save generates the XML for the view, and inserts it into the database for the currently logged in role.
  • Errors on Save display an error dialog box.
  • Save works for All view types.
  • Save button remains disabled until a view is loaded.

Add Group Header

  • The + icon on the Section Header adds a new Group Header to the bottom of that section
  • The new group header displays the new name and removes icons on hover.
  • Rename and Remove should work as expected.

Reorder Sections

  • Any System section, Expandable section, or Custom section may be reordered.
  • Clicking and dragging the Section header allows the section reordered.

Reorder Fields/Grids

  • Fields/Grids may be reordered within their own section.
  • Fields/Grids may be reordered between other sections, but cannot be moved to System Sections.
  • Fields can be moved out of one section and back in.
  • On hover, fields should display an X remove button.

Remove Fields

  • Fields in a System Section may not be removed.;
  • Fields in Expandable or Custom sections may be removed by clicking the X icon displayed on hover.
  • No confirmation for field removal.

Business Rules

  • Grids are once-per-layout; error will display on duplicate.
  • Index and Lookup views should display only a grid, but no Section headers.
  • Index and Lookup view grids cannot be dragged and dropped.
  • Don’t display fields and grids in the left sidebar.
  • Lookup grid shouldn’t have check boxes, View/Info buttons, etc.


  • View and Info buttons may display, but will be non-functioning.
  • Grid column chooser shall be present and functional.
  • Grids shall persist columns in order, with width.


Quantity fields are pulled over as one field (.amt and .unit) and persist back to the server correctly.

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