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About Read-only Libraries

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Some libraries purposely cannot be changed in Library Manager. If a library is set as Read-only, the user cannot add, edit, or delete  values to any library entries.

  • A few libraries, such as Priorities or Overall Ratings, need to contain a specific set of values for the Cartegraph system to function, and therefore cannot be changed in Library Manager.
  • If a library is associated to a Domain or Subtype with the GIS integration, the library is read-only in Library Manager. A library such as this displays a message in Library Manager pointing the user to make changes in ArcCatalog in the Geodatabase Properties dialog box. For example, the Pipe Materials library may be read-only because it is associated to the Pipe Materials domain.
  • Any library can be set as Read-only by altering the library properties in Structure Manager.
  • If a library is marked as System, the Read-only property cannot be turned off once it has been set.
  • If you have the Advanced Assets Extension, some libraries are designed to be edited in other areas of Cartegraph because of specific display or edit needs of the library.
    • All of the Condition Category, Condition Group and Prediction Group libraries are edited outside of Library Manager, in Asset Condition Manager.
    • Condition Category, Condition Group, and Prediction Group libraries display in Library Manager, but there is a convenient link to Asset Condition Manager to allow the user to make the necessary changes in that function. 
  • If you do not have the Advanced Assets Extension, Condition Category libraries are edited in Library Manager. 
    • The Index Mapping and Impact child recordsets are read-only, except Impacts for Signs.
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