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Container/Component Asset Security

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

Linked assets follow the same security guidelines.

Container Security

If the user does not have view access to an asset that is a container:

  • Cannot select the Container from asset List view.
  • Cannot select the Container asset connection from Asset Detail of a component asset.
  • Can see the asset in the Map view, but won't be able to select View or hyperlink of the container from map or summary tip.
  • If the user can access/view the container asset type but permission is turned off to update the container asset, the user cannot access the Editing Asset Connections screen.

Component Security

If the user does not have view access to an asset that is a component:

  • Can still display a container with that asset as component.
  • Can view the component Summary and Map tip, but cannot select View or hyperlink of the component asset from the Summary or Map tips.
  • Can create task for component from Summary tip.
  • Can connect or remove component asset from the container, regardless of the user's security to add, update, or delete the component asset.
  • Can turn component layer on and off in Layers tab of the Summary tab in the asset's Detail view.
  • Can click the component asset in the container asset's Map, List view, or Tree in Tree tab of the Summary tab.


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