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Edit Plan Years on a Scenario

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

You must have a Cartegraph OMS advanced feature extension to access this feature.

  1. Click >Scenario Builder.
  2. Select the appropriate scenario and click iView.png.
  3. On the Details tab, go to Plan Years.
  4. Highlight the Plan Year you want to update and click iEditScenarioBuilder.png.
  5. Update the fields as needed, like Target OCI or the budget amount for the year.
  6. Click Save.

After a Plan Year edit is saved, the Scenario Target field updates to include the Budget value of the edited year if applicable, or the Target OCI value if this value was edited in the last year. 

When a Plan Year is updated on a Scenario that has already been run, the Status of the Scenario will change to: Scenario Edited, Rerun Required. If the Scenario has a status of Running or Saving, Plan Years cannot be edited or deleted from the Scenario.

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