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Edit Scenario Settings

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

You must have a Cartegraph OMS advanced feature extension to access this feature.

  1. Click >Scenario Builder.
  2. Select the appropriate scenario and click View.
  3. On the Scenario Detail tab, click Edit.
  4. Update the available fields as needed.
    • If the Scenario Name or Description fields are edited, the Overview Header does not update and the Scenario Results are still valid, if they exist.
    • If the Scenario Start Date is edited, the Start Date and End Date of any existing Plan Years adjust.
    • If the Activity Sequence is edited, the Asset Criticality Weight and Estimated OCI Weight might need to be adjusted. Link to the Sequence Types topics.
  5. Click Save.
NOTE: The Asset Type and Scenario Type cannot be edited on a saved Scenario. Use Duplicate Scenario to edit any of these fields during the Create Scenario step.
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