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Cartegraph Campus

Print a Scenario Map

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Scenario Builder.
  2. View the desired scenario record.
  3. Click the Map tab.
  4. Click the desired web map from the Map list.
  5. Select the mode, Activity or Plan Year.
  6. Based on the selected mode, select an activity or a plan year.
  7. Set the Highlight and OCI options as desired.
  8. Pan and zoom the map to the desired location.
  9. Click iScenarioBuillderPrint.png.
  10. The Print Map dialog box displays. The title is set depending on the selected mode. For example, Plan Year 3 or Patch Activities.

The title may be changed.

  1. Set the orientation.
  2. Click Print. A new tab opens with the map and the browser's print dialog box.
  3. In the browser's Print dialog box, set the orientation to the same orientation selected in the Cartegraph Print dialog box.
  4. Adjust any other print settings as needed and click Print.
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