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Activities with Asset Attributes Export

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

You must have a Cartegraph OMS advanced feature extension to access this feature.

To better allow the user to understand the information provided by the scenario activity list results, Scenario Builder includes an additional export option which allows you to export all data regarding the scenario's recommended activities plus additional information regarding the specific asset each activity it recommended for.

This works similarly to the Export for List view feature.

  • Exports all visible columns in Activity List of the Scenario: Results tab.
  • Exports all attribute data selected for viewing in the related asset list view list.
  • Individual users have control of what fields appear in the export utilizing grid tools.
  • Exported data sorts based on the scenario's activity list sorting only.
  • Export Activities with Asset Attributes is availale on the Actions menu on the Scenarios List view, Scenario Detail tab, and Scenario Results tab.

Add additional information and attribute data to Export Activities with Asset Attributes:

The Activity information that is exported can be changed by utilizing the column selector in the grid to add and remove columns.  The defined sort is used.  

Asset detailed information is added to the export utilizing the list view of the corresponding asset. User persistence settings are respected. If a user does not have a view setup, the default view is used. To adjust your list view, go to Assets, create a layer for the applicable asset type (any layers for other asset types must be turned off), click the Column Selector button in the upper-right corner of the list to add and remove columns.


If your scenario is run on Pavement assets and your list view for pavement contains ID, Street, Pavement Classification, Functional Classification, Estimated OCI and Criticality Factor your Custom Export action contains a column for each of those items along with information that was already displayed on the scenario's activity list.

NOTE: A large file (over 1 million records) may take a few minutes to download and may take a few minutes to open in a program like Microsoft Excel.  Additionally, Excel is limited in the number of records it can show, which differs based on the version of Excel; most versions of Excel display a warning that your data will be truncated. The Activity List is exported as a csv file and can be opened in other applications that handle data sets larger than Excel.
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