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Run Scenario Troubleshooting

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A scenario has a status of Running but seems to no longer be Running.

In rare instances such as an unexpected IIS recycle or a power outage, it is possible for a scenario to continue to show a status of Running or Saving after the scenario run has failed.

  • Refresh your screen.
  • From the Scenario List view, click View for the scenario. If the scenario running progress screen displays, the scenario is still running successfully. You may decide to cancel the scenario run if it is taking too long.
  • If the scenario running progress screen does not display, click Run Scenario to try to re-run the scenario.
  • Ask your database administrator to manually clear the Run Status field for this scenario.

My scenario only has 0 (zero) to a few activities to save, but the Saving Activities step while running the scenario still takes several seconds or even minutes to complete. Why?

The overall size of the Activity List table, the cumulative number of records across all scenarios, affects the performance  of running any scenario. The first step, which includes deleting existing activities, and the last step of the scenario run process is slowed when millions of records exist in the Activity List. Consider deleting scenarios that are no longer useful or applicable to improve scenario run performance.


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