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Scenario Setup Overview

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

You must have a Cartegraph OMS advanced feature extension to access this feature.

  1. Complete all steps related to Inspection and Condition Setup.

When a Scenario runs, the performance curves of a particular asset-comprising the Estimated OCI (Overall Condition Index) curve of the asset-are used to plot projected activities against the asset in order to predict the effect these activities' impacts would have on  the particular asset's condition.  The prerequisites for an asset being able to have its performance curves and Estimated OCI calculated can be found in the Inspection Setup Overview topic.   It is recommended to have the Cartegraph Asset Condition Recalculator Background Task scheduled to run every day in order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date asset condition data when running a Scenario.

  1. Set Criticality Factor on Asset Records.

To utilize any scenario settings related to Asset Criticality, set the appropriate Criticality Factor for assets that will be included in scenarios.

  1. Define Protocols and Triggers for Asset Type.

Activities to be recommended in the scenario must exist in the Activities library.  The definition of when to recommend and associated cost is defined by Protocols and Triggers.  These protocols and triggers are setup based on the Asset Type.  

  1. Create and run scenarios.
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