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About Lookup Fields

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

To share text data from one recordset to another, create a lookup field.  Lookup fields allow you to use data that is stored in a library from anywhere in the Cartegraph system. Lookup fields can only be created for text field types.

When you display a value for a lookup field, you may also want to display other information from the lookup recordset with the field.

For example, the Counties library is needed as a lookup from Materials.

Additionally, you want the following fields from the Counties library to display on the Material detail view:

  • Hazardous Materials Contact Name
  • Hazardous Materials Phone Number
  • Hazardous Materials After Hours Number

In Structure Manager, you can add a lookup to Counties on the Materials recordset. In Layout Manager, you add Counties to the detail view, along with Hazardous Materials Contact Name and both phone numbers from the library.

Hazardous Materials Contact Name, Phone Number, and After Hours Number are visible as read-only fields when displayed on the Materials detail view.

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