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Cartegraph Campus

Create User Accounts

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

When using ArcGIS Identity, the Esri User Name is not a required value when adding a new User Account, but it must be added to the User Account before the user signs into Cartegraph.

  1. Select 2018-04-17_0919.png>User Administration.
  2. Click Create.

Select a picture for the user, click Upload, browse to the file, and click Open.

  1. Enter the User Name.
    • This must be unique and only alphanumeric characters. The user name cannot be edited.
    • Enter the Esri User Name.
    • This is the ArcGIS Identity, and must be unique.
  2. Enter the First Name.
  3. Enter the Last Name.
  4. Enter the Email Address.

Does not have to be unique.

  1. Click a Security Role.
  2. Enter and confirm the password.

The password must be a minimum of seven characters.

  1. Select the Account is Active check box.
  2. Click Finish & Save.
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