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Cartegraph Campus

Analytics Dashboard Default Gadgets

The Analytics Dashboard allows you to create a variety of gadgets to see where things stand at a glance. The following gadgets, listed by type, are provided by default.


List Gadget

  • Pavement Below or Close to Minimum Condition

Number Gadgets

  • Miles Paved in the Past Year 
  • Segment Miles 
  • Segments Without Length or Width 


KPI Gadget

  • Percent of Playgrounds Inspected in the Past Year


Bar Chart

  • Fuel Gallons Used by Month in the Past Year
  • Resource Costs by Department for Tasks Completed this Month

Column Charts

  • Average Use by Equipment Class and per Month (Hours)
  • Average Use by Equipment Class and per Month (Miles)
  • Hours Logged Today by My Team
  • Resource Costs by Department for WOs Completed YTD

KPI Gadget

  • Percent of Labor With Hours in the Past Week

Number Gadgets

  • My Hours Logged Today 
  • Vehicles With VRR Score


Bar Chart

  • Top Request Issues in the Past Year

KPI Gadgets

  • Graffiti Requests Closed Within 2 Days
  • Percent of Requests Closed Before Due Date

List Gadgets

  • Open Requests More Than One Week Old
  • Requests Due Within 1 Week

Number Gadget

  • Requests Overdue

Sewer Mains 

Number Gadget

  • Sewer Main Feet Cleaned YTD


List Gadgets

  • Signs Less Than 1 Year From Minimum Condition
  • Signs Without an Estimated OCI

Storm Outlets 

KPI Gadget

  • Storm Outlets Inspected YTD


Bar Charts

  • $ Distribution per Asset Type
  • Average Cost Per Activity
  • Average Time to Complete an Activity
  • Completed Tasks With $0 by Department

Column Chart

  • Completed Tasks in Past Year By Month 
  • Task Estimates vs. Actual Cost Comparison
  • Task Totals: Estimate vs. Actual

KPI Gadgets

  • Percent of Tasks Closed Before Due Date
  • Percent of Completed Tasks With Materials
  • Percent of Completed Tasks With Equipment
  • Percent of Tasks With a Department
  • Percent of Completed Tasks With Labor

List Gadgets

  • My Task List
  • Tasks Due Within 1 Week

Number Gadgets

  • Tasks Assigned To Me
  • Tasks Overdue

Pie Charts

  • Overdue Tasks by Department
  • Task Cost by Department


Number Gadget

  • Number of Trees Planted YTD 

Wastewater Treatment Plants

KPI Gadget

  • Percent of Proactive Wastewater Treatment Plant Tasks

Work Orders


  • Work Orders Estimates vs. Actual Cost Comparison
  • Work Order Totals: Estimate vs. Actual


List Gadget

  • New Records: The New Records gadget displays new Tasks, Work Orders, Assets, Labor, Equipment, Material, Other, Requests, or All records for the specified Entry date. Each Asset type is available on the list. This is a read-only gadget filtered to show records created today in Cartegraph OMS. Use the list options to further filter down the list by recordset. The selected value can be changed on your dashboard. The selected value is only persisted for you on the dashboard. It will not be changed for any other user this gadget is shared to. The date control next to the menu is Today by default and sorts the records newest to oldest. However, the date control can be used to change the grid's Entry Date filter temporarily. This is not persisted to the gadget. This gadget cannot be edited or duplicated.