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Analytics Dashboard Default Gadgets

The Analytics Dashboard allows you to create a variety of gadgets to see where things stand at a glance. The following gadgets are provided by default.

Average Cost per Activity

This gadget would be helpful for supervisors or those concerned with the budget. The gadget shows not only the average cost for an activity but how many of those activities were performed last year, as well as how many so far this year. This gives you an idea of how much money is needed for the rest of the year.

Completed Tasks in Past Year by Month

You can use this gadget to visualize the number of completed tasks each month. 

Completed Tasks with $0 by Department

This is one of many gadgets that might be used to run quality control data entry. It sends up a red flag that there are tasks being completed with no resources added.

Hours Logged Today by My Team

Supervisors can use this gadget to keep tabs on where their team members are in terms of data entry.

My Hours Logged Today

You can use this gadget for a quick glance to see how close you are to putting in your required hours for the day or how much overtime you’ve worked.

My Task List

This is a list gadget filtered to show Tasks assigned to the signed in user's Labor record. Tasks with a Status of Completed or Canceled are excluded.

New Records

The New Records gadget displays new Tasks, Work Orders, Assets, Labor, Equipment, Material, Other, Requests, or All records for the specified Entry date. Each Asset type is available on the list. This is a read-only list gadget filtered to show records created today in Cartegraph OMS. Use the list options to further filter down the list by recordset. The selected value can be changed on your dashboard.  The selected value is only persisted for you on the dashboard. It will not be changed for any other user this gadget is shared to. The date control next to the menu is Today by default and sorts the records newest to oldest. but can be used to change the grid's Entry Date filter temporarily.  This is not persisted to the gadget. This gadget cannot be edited or duplicated.

Open Requests More Than One Week Old

This is a list gadget that is filtered to show open Requests older than a week.  Use this list to quickly navigate to request detail pages.

Overdue Tasks by Department

This gadget provides an overview of the outstanding work in a department. It is handy for supervisors to prioritize and schedule work.

Percent of Requests Closed Before Due Date

This is a KPI gadget that shows the percentage of requests that are closed before they are due.

Percent of Tasks Closed Before Due Date

This is a KPI gadget that shows the percentage of tasks that are closed before they are due.

Requests Overdue

This is a number gadget that shows the number of requests past the due date that is not yet closed.

Task Cost by Department

This gadget is for supervisors or decision makers. This gadget quickly shows how various departments compare to each other. 

Tasks Assigned to Me

This is a number gadget that shows the number of tasks assigned to the signed-in user's labor record that are not completed or canceled.

Tasks Overdue

This is a number gadget that shows the number of tasks past the due date and not completed or canceled. 

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