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Cartegraph Campus

Create a Dashboard Gadget

  1. From the Home screen, click Create a Gadget.
  2. Select a gadget type
  3. Select a recordset.

 Click iAdvancedFilter_sm.png to filter the selected recordset to only the records you want to visualize.

If there is a Record Filter setup by your administrator for your role, those records will automatically be filtered out.

  1. In the Group By section, select a field.

When creating a Bar or Column chart, add a second Group By field.

  1. Enter a chart title.
  2. Click Preview to review the gadget as it is built.
  • For list gadgets, the preview is shown automatically as the gadget is built.
  • Bar, column, and pie charts have additional fields:
    • Select a color for your data by clicking the colored dot to the right of the Group By field.
    • Select a field to measure by.  In the Sharing section, select roles and users to share the gadget with.
  1. Select the option to display the gadget on the dashboard.

If a title is not entered, a title based on the recordset and fields is added.

  1. Click Complete.

The gadget displays in the Gadget Library.