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Cartegraph Campus

Create a Dashboard Gadget

  1. From the Home screen, click Create a Gadget.
  2. Select a gadget type
  3. Select a recordset.

 Click iAdvancedFilter_sm.png to filter the selected recordset to only the records you want to visualize.

If there is a Record Filter set up by your administrator for your role, those records will automatically be filtered out.

  1. In the Group By section, select a field.

When creating a Bar or Column chart, you can select zero, one, or two Group By fields.

  1. Enter a chart title.
  2. Click Preview to review the gadget as it is built.
  • For list gadgets, the preview is shown automatically as the gadget is built.
  • Bar, column, and pie charts have additional fields:
    • Select a color for your data by clicking the colored dot to the right of the Group By field.
    • Select a field to measure by.  In the Sharing section, select roles and users to share the gadget with.
    • For Bar or Column charts with zero or one Group By field, you can select more than one measure by field.
  1. Select the option to display the gadget on the dashboard.

If a title is not entered, a title based on the recordset and fields is added.

  1. Click Complete.

The gadget displays in the Gadget Library.