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Dashboard Gadget Library

The Gadget Library is where you store and manage dashboard gadgets. Open the Gadget Library from the dashboard by clicking .

Once in the gadget library, you can browse all gadgets that have been saved and add any of them onto your current dashboard. You can use the search bar at the top to narrow down gadgets by title, recordset name, or owner user name.  You can also use the recordset and gadget type menus to narrow down the list of gadgets.

Any gadget in your Gadget Library can be added only once to your dashboard. A green check appears for any gadget you already have on your dashboard.

When you edit a gadget, those changes will also be made to your Gadget Library. These changes will also be reflected in the Gadget Library of any user who the Gadget has been shared to.

To delete a gadget from your Gadget Library, click the trash can icon on the row of the gadget.  The gadget is deleted from the Gadget Library but remains on your dashboard and the dashboards of users the gadget was shared with.

If you ever remove a gadget from the dashboard and want to restore, go to the Gadget Library.

The gadget library has all the default gadgets, the gadgets I created, and the gadgets shared with me.

Under each gadget title is the gadget’s recordset, the owner or person that created the gadget, the last modified date.

The green circle with a check mark indicates that this gadget is on my dashboard.

There are a few other options available when you hover on a specific gadget.

To add a gadget to the dashboard, click the plus.

To delete a gadget, click Delete gadget. Only the person that created the gadget can delete it. What if the gadget is shared? Let’s say I decide to delete the Tasks by Due Date gadget (the one created earlier in the session). How does this affect the role or user I shared it with? The gadget is available to them until they sign out. Default gadgets cannot be deleted.

The most gadgets you can display on your dashboard is 20. When that happens, this message displays at the bottom of the Gadget Library dialog box.

All new gadgets are automatically added to the Gadget Library. Gadgets shared by other users also displays in the Gadget Library.

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