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Create Container/Component Relationship Example

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Create a container/component relationship between Facility and Faciliity Lighting  so the conditions and costs of the lighting in a Facility is included with the Facility's OCI and cost to date.

  1. Click 2018-04-17_0919.png>Structure Manager.
  2. Select Facility Lighting.
  3. Click Create>Field.
  4. Select Lookup as the Field Type and click Done.
  5. Enter Facility for the Field Name.
  6. Column Name automatically populates to Facility.
  7. In the Lookup Source section, click Select Lookup and select Facilities.
  8. Click Done. the Unique Field automatically populates to ID.
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Publish.
  11. Select the Facility Lighting recordset again and click Create>Relationship.
  12. Select Facility and click Next.
  13. The Lookup defaults to Facility.
  14. Plural NameSingular Name, and ID defaults.
  15. Select Container/Component relationship.
  16. Enter the OCI weight of 1.
  17. Click Finish & Save.
  18. Click Publish.
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