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Cartegraph Engage: Guide Building Blocks


A Guide is comprised of Building Blocks. Each Building Block will offer you an option to add:

  • Text
  • Button
  • Multi Button
  • Image
  • Open Text Poll
  • Multi Choice Poll
  • YouTube Video

You can access the Building Blocks menu by placing your cursor inside a Guide and clicking on the blue horizontal line that appears. It will look like this:


The Building Blocks menu will look like this:



Choose this Building Block to add any type of text you desire. Once you choose the text option, you will see some filler text and options to style.

Style your text using the WYSIWYG controls. Once you choose a styling option, you will see Markdown syntax automatically apply to your Guide content and the style rendered within your preview. Take a look at the Markdown Syntax article to learn the supported syntax.


For text blocks, you have built-in Theme styles for Guide title, subtitle, and paragraph:


If you choose the custom options, you will see additional styling and spacing options to apply to the entire text block:


Single Button

Once you choose the single button Building Block, adjust the display text, and choose your button action. 

Note: You may see additional button action options in gray that aren’t available for you. You will see these options change once you add a poll Building Block.

If you need, you can add compound actions to your buttons so they perform multiple actions for the user. For example, you can set up the button to dismiss the Guide (1) and open an external link (2):


When you’re ready, customize your button style:



If you want, you can also customize the hover state:


Multi Button

If you choose multiple button options, you can add 2 or 3 buttons.


Once you choose how many you would like, you will be prompted to edit each button one at a time.

Just like the single button, you will be able to style your buttons (including hover states) as you want. Simply place your cursor over the button you’d like to edit to access the Edit Button menu and see other options.



When you choose the Image block, you will see an option to upload your file:


Supported file types include:

  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .svg
  • .gif

Tip: Animated gifs can be a particularly useful way to engage with your users or show them multi-step actions.

All file sizes are limited to 2mb for the uploader. If you wish to use a larger file, you can host your image and add an image URL instead.

The larger the file, the longer it may take for the image to render in your Guide.

Open Text Poll

When you choose the open text poll option, you will be prompted to edit your question:


Once you’re happy with your question, click Apply. If you want to adjust the size of your open text field, hover over the field and choose the edit icon:


Multi Choice Poll

Use this block to add your own multiple-choice options. Once you select the building block, you can add your question:


Then, hover over the multiple-choice dropdown to edit and add all the choices you want to give your user:


YouTube Video

Warning: YouTube supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. If you need to check your browser’s version compatibility, use YouTube’s verification site. If you have a different Video provider, you can still leverage the Custom Code Block to embed your video.

Use this block to embed a YouTube video in your Guide without having to use a Code Block. Once you choose this building block, you will be prompted to add a YouTube link:


By default, the video will automatically adjust the width to the size of your Guide container. If you want to adjust the size, toggle the "fill container" option to the off state and adjust your size in pixels.


Note: As best practice, autoplay is disabled since it can be more disruptive than helpful to a user. It can also negatively impact user experience if a user doesn’t realize their sound volume on their device.