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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph Engage Guide Segmentation

Guides can be targeted to different audiences based on the type of intended message. As an example, an admin may need different guidance versus a regular end user.

There are 5 predefined segments as well as the ability to create custom segments.

The predefined segments are:

  • Everyone
  • Time Since First Visit: < 30 Days
  • Time Since First Visit: 31 - 60 Days
  • Time Since First Visit: 61 - 90 Days
  • Time Since First Visit: > 30 Days


Custom Segments

Custom Segments are created using rules that use predefined metadata about the users, or guide interaction data. AND / OR logic can also be applied to combine rules together to create the desired segment. 

Warning: Metadata fields requiring Text input are case sensitive.


Be sure to check your segment before saving and continuing to make sure you're seeing what you expected.


Tip: Utilize the "Visitors List" at the bottom of the Analytics page to see what metadata fields are available for segmentation by managing your columns.