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Cartegraph Campus

Maps in Cartegraph One

The map in Cartegraph One is part of everything you do in the app related to assets and tasks.

The following information helps you get the most out of the maps in the app:

  • Cartegraph One uses Esri street maps, web maps, and basemaps.
  • When shown for the first time, the map centers on the device's location; Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.12.22 AM.png is highlighted blue when your location marker is displayed on the map.
  • Tap Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.12.22 AM.png to center on your map location. If the location marker is already in the center of the map, tapping the button hides the location marker.
  • Tasks display in blue and assets display in gray.
  • Tasks always display on top of assets on the map. If you are trying to view an asset on the map and it's covered by a Task, turn off the Tasks layer.
  • Tasks that display on the map must have a Status of Planned or In Progress.
  • Tap Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.12.27 AM.png to switch to My Tasks list.

Map Layers

Cartegraph Map Layers settings in Cartegraph One are completely independent of the Cartegraph Map Layers used in Cartegraph OMS and Cartegraph for iPad.

Cartegraph One map layers and the selected basemap persist in the app.

After you tap on a task or asset on the map, the tasks, assets, and location shape display the record cards as outlined below.

To change the color of the task or asset on the map, swipe right to open the color change popup.


  • Primary attachment 
  • Activity and Asset Type
  • Priority, Start Date, and ID
  • Proximity to device location


  • Primary attachment, green dot for assets
  • Asset Type and ID
  • Street
  • Proximity to device location

Cards are sorted by Tasks first, then Assets by Asset Type and ID.

Location Shape Display

The Cartegraph One app allows you to create and edit the record's location on the map. From the record's detail view move the location marker for point assets or for linear and polygon assets, tap and drag the shape's vertices.