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Cartegraph One Overview


Use Cartegraph One to collect assets, maintain them, and track associated costs. Simple, fast, and effective asset management on iOS or Android smartphones. Wherever the day takes you, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to complete tasks accurately and on time.

Cartegraph One is available with both Cartegraph OMS and Cartegraph AMS, and is free to download. For more information, call 800.688.2656.

  • Use innovative image capture technology to shorten your asset collection time
  • Quickly collect assets and build an accurate asset inventory
  • Create tasks to inspect, repair, or maintain your infrastructure assets
  • Complete tasks on-the-go, marking them complete in real-time
  • Enter time, equipment, materials, and other resources used to complete the task
  • View tasks and assets on an Esri map. Only see the tasks that are assigned to you
  • Tap on any task on the map to view task details, including associated assets
  • Perform 5-star inspections, including Ra for signs and appraisals for trees
  • Attach images to assets and tasks, selecting an image to display
  • Create point, line, and polygon assets. Edit asset and task locations directly on your map
  • Create tasks for Assets and/or Non-Assets. Sort tasks by Priority, Date, or Proximity

Visit Cartegraph Campus and search for Cartegraph One to learn more.

System Requirements

  • Android version 4.4 or later
  • iOS 10.2, 10.3, or 11
  • Devices setup with cellular and internet connectivity
  • Cartegraph AMS or Cartegraph OMS Fall 2016 or later
  • Active iTunes account (iOS) or Play Store account (Android) for the initial download and subsequent updates
  • GPS enabled device
  • Location permissions enabled

Install Cartegraph One

The Cartegraph One app is available for both Cartegraph OMS and Cartegraph AMS users. Before the app is installed, verify all Cartegraph One app users have a Cartegraph User Account with an associated Labor record.

  1. Download the app from the Apple app store for iPhones or Play Store for Android phones.
  2. The first time you open the app, enter the Server URL. For example,
  3. Enter your Cartegraph User Name and Password and tap Sign In.
NOTE: If available, use your ArcGIS Identity. Esri Level 1 named user licenses are supported.


  • Custom basemaps and two Esri community basemaps are available for customers without an ArcGIS identity.
  • Customers with an ArcGIS identity have access to the same maps they do in AGOL, as well as about a dozen Esri community maps. This is limited to 200 maps.
  • When the Esri default basemaps are not on the list of available maps for users, Cartegraph One will function the same as our web browser application; the user will be presented with the first map in the list instead.
  • The selected map displays the location of tasks (blue) and assets (gray).
  • Layer settings persisted on in the app and are independent of the desktop version.
  • The map displays records based on the Cartegraph Layers that are turned on.

My Task List

View the work assigned to the signed-in user on the My Tasks list:

  • Status must be Planned or In Progress
  • Task assignment for the Labor record associated to the signed in user, or there must be one or more Labor Logs for the Task for the Labor record associated to the signed in user
  • From the map, tap the orange list icon on the right of the header bar. Tap on the task in the list to see its details.

Sort the List:

  • Date-Start Date oldest to newest
  • Priority-Highest to lowest
  • Proximity-Closest to farthest based on the current location

Refresh the Task list by pulling down on the list and releasing.


The Cartegraph One mobile app allows you to upload and view attachments for any Task or Asset.

These attachments can provide more detail about the records they are associated with.

  • More than one file can be attached to a record.
  • If a picture is being attached and it's the first picture being attached, it becomes the primary attachment.
  • Valid attachment types are limited to pictures.
  • The valid file types are *.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png, and *.bmp
  • Linked Attachments from Cartegraph OMS and Cartegraph AMS are not supported.


The Cartegraph One menu contains the following commands:


The Cartegraph One settings from the settings screen inside the app are accessible from the menu as well as the gear icon on the sign in screen. The settings are listed below with their Cartegraph recommended defaults and notes.

Setting Default Notes

Show Capture Intro


To view the on-boarding tutorial for how to use the Capture feature, turn on this setting.

This is a Cartegraph Labs feature.

Server URL


This connects the app with the Cartegraph OMS/AMS Server. Changing this web address incorrectly causes the app to be disconnected from the Cartegraph OMS/AMS Server.



This information may be used when working with Cartegraph Technical Support. This is a read-only field.

Sign Out

Signs you out of Cartegraph One and takes you back to the Sign In screen.

Main Features

  • Actions are available from list view by swiping a record. For a Task, swipe left to add resources or swipe right to complete the task. For an Asset, swipe left to add a task. 
  • Fields through a look up are displayed on detail views. The Detail View layout must include the lookup field as well as the desired fields through a lookup. Regardless of where the fields display on the layout, they are grouped under the lookup field on the Cartegraph One screen.
  • Supports features available with Spring 2017 release, including support for Esri Level 1 named user licenses.
  • Provides ability to utilize additional basemaps and web maps
    • From the select Layers screen, tap Maps and select a map to use, tap Back after making your selection; the map is persisted throughout the application.
    • The list of available maps will match the list of maps available to the user from the browser application.
    • Allows you to interact with the content of a web map, access Esri tool tips.
    • Honors the zoom levels defined by the map.
    • Vector maps are not supported.
  • Provides ability to view and edit task assignments
    • The Assigned To field is available when viewing a task or creating a task, tap the field to view and edit assignments.
    • Select or clear the laborer’s checkbox to add or remove assignments, search by name if desired.
    • Currently assigned laborers display at the top of the Assigned Labor screen, tap a name to easily select the laborer and clear the checkbox to remove them from the task.
    • Tap Back after editing assignments and tap Save to save your changes.
    • Cartegraph One does not respect Library Filters, all laborers will be available from the Assigned Labor screen.

App Settings and Permissions

The Cartegraph One settings and permissions from the operating system's app settings/permissions screens are listed below with their Cartegraph recommended defaults and notes.

Setting Default Notes



Important: Location is required in order to use the app.



This allows the use of the device's camera for capturing photo attachments and the Capture feature.

Storage (Android)


This allows the use of the device's camera for capturing photo attachments and the Capture feature.

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