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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph One Resources Behavior

Layouts for resource entry in the Cartegraph One app are not configurable in Layout Manager. They do not use the Time sheets layout.


Laborers can be added by selecting a labor crew or individual laborers. All laborers on the labor crew are added with the rate and hours entered.


Logs for Equipment records with a valid Equipment Rate for the entry date have their Usage unit set to the unit of the Equipment Rate.


  • Logs for Material records have a default Quantity value of the Material's Default Usage Quantity if the Material has a Default Usage Quantity.
  • Logs for Material records that are stock Materials have their Price Per Unit and Cost calculated after saving the log.
  • Logs for Material records with a valid Primary Vendor Price Quote for the entry date have a default Price Per Unit of the Price Quote amount and a default Vendor value of the Primary Vendor.
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