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Cartegraph One Views and Library Filters

  • The List View is not used by Cartegraph One.
  • When creating a Task, the Mobile Create view assigned to the user's role is used to display the fields. When a Mobile Create view is not defined (which is the case by default for Assets), the user's assigned Detail view for the recordset type is used instead.
    • Cartegraph OMS customers will have the ability through Layout Manager to create custom Mobile Create Views for Tasks and Assets, which can be used by the Cartegraph One app.
  • The user's assigned Detail view is used when creating Inspections as well as editing Tasks, Assets, and Inspections.
  • Cartegraph One only displays the fields defined in views. This means it ignores items such as the Map and Attached Files sections and section and group headers.
  • Lookup fields use the Lookup View assigned to the user.
  • Tasks are created, edited, and deleted from the Task Detail page.
  • Library Filters from Cartegraph OMS are not used by Cartegraph One.
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