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Tablet Features not Available in Offline Mode

The following features and functionality are not available when in Offline mode:


  • Map
  • Asset page view mode only
  • From Tasks cannot edit associated asset data
  • Requests
  • Asset Layer display
  • Asset Total Cost calculation
  • Open Task Count calculation
  • Attachments view, edit, or add
  • Library filters
  • Flexible shared recordset detail data
  • Set primary attachments


  • Routing
  • Live tasks
  • Proximity sort
  • Address search
  • Access to saved routes
  • Generate a route
  • Search tasks
  • Access tasks assigned to users than the one signed in
  • Convert non-asset tasks to asset tasks
  • Exchange asset
  • Change associated asset
  • View historical Resource entries
  • Create a task for assets not available on the tablet
  • Edit Asset details


  • Start or complete an inspection that was created while offline
  • PCI inspections
  • Advanced Inspections
  • Ra Inspections
  • Calculate index for number and quantity condition categories
  • NI entry on inspections
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