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Tree Inspections on Cartegraph for iPad

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

The tablet version does what the browser version does:

  • If Circumference changes the Diameter and Trunk Area calculates.
  • If Diameter changes the Circumference and Calculate Trunk Area calculates.
  • If Site or Contribution or Placement changes the Location Rating calculates.
  • If Root Structure, Root Health, Trunk Structure, Trunk Health, Scaffold Branch Structure, Scaffold Branch Health, Small Branch, Twig Health, or Foliage and Bud Health changes the Condition Rating calculates.

The tablet version differs from the browser version:

  • Mobile does not re-calculate Appraisal Method or Appraised Value when the inspection saves. The server re-calculate the Appraisal values and just redisplays what was calculated.
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