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Cartegraph Campus

About Gadgets

The Cartegraph home screen provides a set of gadgets, small applications running within a container application, all within most major web browsers. Gadgets allow organizations to display real-time information about assets and work requests within their community, providing Managers, Department Heads, and Elected Officials simple and easy access. Reorganize the gadgets and the gadget settings and locations are remembered.

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

This gadget is part of the Classic dashboard.

Custom Settings

Most of the gadgets are not configurable. There are some settings to ensure the gadgets work properly for each organization’s needs.

Default Gadget Layout:  When a user loads Cartegraph for the first time,  a default gadget arrangement displays.  Customize this default view through back-end configuration files, including what gadgets display and their location within the container.

Map Settings: For the Open Work Map gadget, your organization defines an initial zoom extent and zoom center for the map ensuring that the map always starts off within their community.  Additionally, define which coordinate system you currently use to track spatial locations for Work Orders and Requests.  This is necessary to ensure their Work Order and Requests display properly on the map.

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