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About the Average Time to Complete Gadget

This gadget is part of the Classic dashboard.

The Average Time to complete gadget displays an average time to complete either Task or Requests during a user–specified date range.

If you do not have an enterprise license, only Tasks displays and Tasks is added to the title.

The average time is calculated by dividing the total hours of closed Tasks or Requests were open by the total number of closed Tasks or Requests. Total hours are the time elapsed between start and stop dates for all closed Tasks or Requests.

Each day counts as 24 hours. For example, 2 days 5 hours is 53 hours.

  • To include a Task or Request in the calculation, both its Start and Stop dates must be inside the date range specified on the gadget.
  • Time elapsed for Tasks uses the Actual Start Date and Actual Stop Date fields. Requests time elapsed is the difference between the Entry Date, sometimes called Entered Date or Transaction Date, and Close Date fields. Date logic
  • If both Start and Stop dates are at midnight, the work item is considered all-day, and counts as 24 hours or multiples of 24 hours for multi-day, all-day work items.
  • By default, no attempt is made to subtract morning or evening hours.  The definition of a Work Day (which is 24 hours by default) can be modified in the system configuration files to the value the organization prefers.  For example, an organization may interpret a work day as 8 hours.
  • If a Task or Request starts before a weekend and ends after, 24 hours is subtracted for each Saturday and Sunday within the date range.
  • If the Task or Request starts or stops on a weekend, the weekend hours adjacent to the start and/or stop are not subtracted.
  • Tasks or Requests whose end and start times are backwards or have a negative time span are ignored.

Custom Settings

Gadget Refresh

The gadget periodically refreshes itself to get the latest information from the database.  The default refresh rate is 2 minutes. Modify this value to better meet your needs.

Work Hours in a Day

Allows an organization to define how many hours constitute a Work Day.  The default is 24 hours.

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