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Cartegraph Campus

About the Open Work Gadget

This gadget is part of the Classic dashboard.

The Open Work gadget displays open Tasks and Requests on a map and displays additional summary information on either.

If you do not have Cartegraph OMS, only Tasks display.

Other features include:

  • The ability to search by address to move the map to a desired address location.;
  • The Map list contains all the available view types.
  • Display Tasks, Requests, or both.
  • Click a map symbol to display the mini-map tip.
  • Open Tasks are those with a status of Planned or In Progress.
  • Open Requests have a status of Open.
  • Tasks display on the map as blue, and Requests as red.
  • This gadget can display in a maximized state.

Custom Settings

Gadget Refresh

The gadget periodically refreshes itself to get the latest information from the database.  The default refresh rate is 2 minutes. Modify this value to better meet your needs.

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