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About the Task List Gadget

This gadget is part of the Classic dashboard.

The Task List gadget displays the Tasks assigned to the signed in user for the selected date.

  • Tasks display for the signed in user if:
  • The status is Planned or In Progress.
  • The Task has an Assigned Labor entry associated to this User Account.
  • The Task has Labor Log entries with a labor record associated to this User Account.
  • Current date falls within the Task Actual Start and Actual Stop dates.
  • If the Actual Start or Stop date does not exist, the system uses the Estimated Start or Stop date.
  • If the Task doesn’t have any dates, the Task always displays on the Task list.
  • The Task’s status, ID, Activity, and Priority display in the list.
  • When you highlight or hover on a record on the list the Summary icon displays. Click iSummary_sm.png to view the Task’s Summary tip.
  • Planned tasks display as blue, In Progress as orange.
  • Click the ID to go to the Task record’s Detail view.
  • The list sorts by Priority by default, but the columns are sortable.

Custom Settings

Gadget Refresh

The gadget periodically refreshes itself to get the latest information from the database.  The default refresh rate is 2 minutes. Modify this value to better meet your needs.

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