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Schedule an Import or Export

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Automation Manager can be used to schedule an import or export to run at a specific interval via the Schedule an Import/Export automation template. The Cartegraph error log contains critical errors that occur during the job.

Input Parameters




Job type 

The job type to be performed.  Valid job types include: 

  • FileImport 

  • FileExport 

  • ODBCImport 

  • BatchImport 


Format file path 

The full path to the format file (imx). The file needs to be accessible to the application server 

C:\DataXChanger Specs\Water Backflows.imx 

Data file path 

The full path to the data file. This argument is only required when the job type is FileImport or FileExport. The file needs to be accessible to the Application server. 

c:\ DataXChanger Specs\ Water Backflows.csv 

Data file archive path 

The full path to a directory the data file is copied to on the Application server. This is an optional argument, so if it is not supplied, the service does not archive the data file.  


Notification frequency 

Defines when a notification should be sent. If an argument is not supplied, frequency defaults to FailureOnly. 

Valid frequencies are: 

  • Always,

  • FailureOnly

  • Never 


Delete data file 

This optional argument determines if the data file will be deleted after the command completes. 


For hosted customers, the file and directory paths must be within the Project Home.

CSV files generated by an export that will be used for importing must use ANSI encoding.


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