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Cartegraph Campus

Mobile Feature Comparison

Use this chart to compare features for Cartegraph One and Cartegraph for iPad to see which app works best for you.

* Available on Cartegraph One Tablet only

  Cartegraph One Cartegraph for iPad
Available on smartphones x  
Accessible from Apple iPads x x
Accessible from Android tablets x  
View, edit and create assets x x
Perform 5-star inspections x x
Perform advanced inspections x x
Perform PCI inspections   x
View asset relationships, container/component and linked x x
Automatically associate a new component asset to its container x  
Exchange component assets   x
Use capture feature to create assets x  
View, edit, and create tasks x x
View task list and map together x* x
View and edit live tasks   x
View activity-based layouts x x
View and Generate Routes for Tasks   x
Enter Resources x x
Add Labor Resources by Labor Crews x  
Add Task Assignments by Labor Crews x  
Customize fields available on time sheet for resource entry x x
Enter materials with material locations x x
Scan bar codes   x
Attach photos: Cartegraph One and Cartegraph for iPad x x
Attach photos from device library   x
View records on a map x x
Search by address on a map   x
View and add child-level records x x
View grandchild level records x x
Add grandchild level records x  
Record search by ID   x
View assets and tasks on a single map x  
Access filtered asset layers   x
Access custom maps x x
Interact with Esri web maps x  
Define custom zoom extents with web maps x  
View and edit requests   x
Access offline   x
Support for use of landscape orientation   x