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Cartegraph and SeeClickFix Service Request Synchronization


The primary function of a Cartegraph + SeeClickFix (SCF) integration is to keep the local service request synchronized with the remote service request. For example, when a service request associated with the remote system is created on SeeClickFix, the integration creates a matching remote service request in Cartegraph OMS. When the request is marked as complete in Cartegraph OMS, the integration updates the request in SeeClickFix to reflect that change.

Status Mapping

The following table shows the relationship between SeeClickFix request status and the Cartegraph OMS service request status codes:

SeeClickFix Issue Status  Cartegraph OMS Status Notes
Open n/a Service request was reported to SCF but has not yet been accepted by Cartegraph OMS.
Acknowledged Open Service request was accepted by the remote system.
Closed Closed Service request was closed.
Archived Closed Service request was closed for more than two weeks.

Status Request Creation

The following fields are passed to Cartegraph OMS during service request creation:

Cartegraph OMS Field Notes
RequesterField This is the RequesterField defined for this integration. This value is specified once when the integration is defined and sent with every service request creation. The name is SeeClickFix.
IssueField This is the SCF Remote Request Type ID configured for the request type selected by the reporter.
lat This is the WGS84 latitude of the report
long This is the WGS84 longitude of the report.
DescriptionField This is the full description with SCF questions and answers provided by the reporter.
LocationDescriptionField This is the reported address or the ArcGIS verified address
AttachmentField This is an optional URL to any media attached to the report, such as a photo.
LinkedField This is set to true when an image is available.
CommentsField This is the public comments added to an SCF issue after it is created.

Acknowledgment Messages

When a new issue is successfully transmitted to Cartegraph OMS, SeeClickFix changes the issue from Open to Acknowledged. Specify the text of the automated acknowledging message, which is added as a message to the issue.

Default Acknowledgment Message

If no custom acknowledgment message is specified, the default message is used. The standard default message is shown on the spreadsheet but may be customized.

Custom Fields

SeeClickFix can customize the integration to populate custom request fields. These fields can be populated with either static (fixed) or dynamic (user-entered) values. Custom fields that require user-entered values are implemented on SeeClickFix as Q&A under a given request category.

Service Request Completion

Periodically SeeClickFix polls Cartegraph OMS to retrieve updated information for requests with any issues in the Acknowledged state.

When the status of the Cartegraph OMS request changes to Closed, SeeClickFix changes the issue to Closed and stops the synchronization of the issue. Changes made to a closed service request in Cartegraph OMS are never saved to the issue.

Closing Messages

When the status changes to Closed, SeeClickFix posts a closing message to the issue. The default closing message can be customized, or the closing message can be specialized based on the request category. Specify these messages on the spreadsheet.

Service Request Comment Synchronization

Comments Added via SeeClickFix

When a comment is made to an issue via SeeClickFix, the comment displays within SeeClickFix and is posted to the NotesField.

Comments Added via Cartegraph OMS

Cartegraph OMS does not display comments associated with a Cartegraph OMS request. Comments added within Cartegraph OMS are not visible on SeeClickFix systems.

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