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Petro Vend Fuel Integration

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The Petro Vend fuel integration interacts with the Equipment\Fuel Log recordset.  Some configurations may require the use of the Cartegraph Remote File Upload Utility and configure for the integration.  There are no upgrade instructions necessary for this integration to persist through Cartegraph Software upgrades.  This integration eliminates duplicate entry, ensures, data integrity, and provides the data available in Cartegraph for review and inclusion in task costs.

The fuel system must be set to export the file to a set location accessible to Cartegraph on a regular schedule.

Feature Description

Fuel logs are created in Cartegraph from the Petro Vend database using a standard scheduled integration, making use of the file import. Setup email notifications with Cartegraph's Notification Manager.


Complete the following steps to deploy the integration:

  1. Add the following Fuel Types to the Equipment Fuel Types library if they do not exist:
  • Unleaded
  • Diesel
  1. Add the following Fuel Codes to the Equipment Fuel Types library if they do not exist:
  • Unleaded
  • #2 Diesel
  1. Place the Petro Vend File Integration for Equipment Fuel Log.imx file in a location available to the Application server.
  2. Create a field in Equipment\Fuel Logs called:
  •  Driver as Text(50).
  • Phoenix ID as Text(50).
  • Total Cost as Currency and publish.
  1. In Automation Manager configure an automation to calculate the Total Cost by multiplying the Unit Cost and Quantity fields.
  2. In Administration, open Notification Manager and subscribe users to the Integration Results notification. 

Schedule the Integration

In Automation Manager configure an automation to schedule an import.

Raw Transaction File Sample


Field Map

File column position Example Cartegraph Field Comments



..\ID and Portion of ID

Used to identify the parent Equipment.  If the Equipment does not exist an error is logged.



Date & Portion of ID

Date is expressed in the custom format of yyyy-MM-dd.



Fuel Type

Converted from code to text value:

Unleaded is Unleaded

#2 Diesel is Diesel




Non-numeric values generate an error.







Unit Cost








Phoenix ID and Portion of ID





This value is used to check if the record exists in Cartegraph. If it does, the record is updated. If the record does not exist it is added.

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