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Process for Integration Documentation

You must have a MindTouch license to manage integration entries. All integration instructions are managed in Campus. 

Before you begin, search Campus to see if there is an existing entry for the integration. If there is follow the steps for Existing Integrations If there is not follow the steps for New Integrations.

Existing Integrations

1. Send the following to Anne Dolphin:

  • Account name 
  • Campus entry name and link
  • Person or people that should have access to the entry.

If Anne is unavailable, Rena Stierman can help you.

  1. Anne will notify you when the permissions are set.
  2. Send the Campus link to the customer.

New Integrations

  1. Sign in to Campus.
  2. Go to Help>Integrations.
  3. Click New.
  4. The Add new page dialog box displays. There are three things to click: Integration, Create draft, and Create.


  1. A new Campus page opens. you should see Draft at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the Page Title, this is the name of the integration.
  3. Click Save. This is now saved as a draft and you can retrieve it any time from Site Tools>Dashboard>Draft Manager.
  4. Click Edit, to continue.
  5. Follow the template and read the comments and sample text for guidance. Delete these when they are no longer needed.

 As you are writing and have questions about how to use MindTouch, ask Rena Stierman. If Rena is not available you can email Janet Kiefer at

  1. When completed notify Rena that this is ready for review along with the account name and names of customers that should have access to these instructions. Most likely your project contact. 
  2. Rena reviews and edits the copy and applies permissions to the entry.
  3. Rena sends an email to Anne Dolphin and the author with the link.
  4. Anne Dolphin checks relegated files into TFS.
  5. Send the link to the customer.
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