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Cartegraph Campus

About Administration

The Administration area of Cartegraph is designed for the Cartegraph Champion or System Administrator. Use it to configure features that impact the system globally: permissions, display, integration, data management, and advanced features. Permissions are required to access this area and make changes. Click below to learn more about each Administration feature.


The Administration section focuses on security and data management. Security determines who has access to the system, which areas of the system they have access to, and which data they can view. You can use these settings to create a more efficient and focused user experience—showing each user only the sections they need to see. Data management controls what data comes in and out of the system, at what time, and tracks errors to help with troubleshooting and optimization.

*Asset Administration

User Administration

*Role Administration

*Record Filter Administration


*Scheduled Processes

Error Log


The Settings section has options that impact how the system performs overall. This is also where you go to adjust map behavior related to the Esri ArcGIS integration.

*System Settings

Map Administration

Geocode Settings

GIS Integration

*Asset Color Manager


The Manager section includes options to configure data structure, advanced features requiring additional licensing, and notifications.

*Layout Manager

Library Manager

*Preventative Maintenance

*Scenario Builder

Resource Estimates Manager

*Asset Condition Manager

*Notification Manager

*Structure Manager

*Automation Manager


Manage Layers

*This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at