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5 Questions to Ask When Creating Condition and Prediction Groups

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These five questions provide an approach to determine from customers what their performance curves should be, or at least what the first draft of a curve could be.

  1. How do you group your assets from a maintenance planning perspective? You may have to explain what this means. Basically, what assets have a similar maintenance approach and place them into groups.
  2. For Group 1, what is the minimum condition you allow before you do a major maintenance activity?
  3. For Group 1, how many years does it typically take for an asset to reach that level?
  4. When the answer is "it depends", ask what are the biggest factors it depends on and then ask the same question for each sub-category.
  5. When the answer is "it depends" again, push for an average.

Repeat this series of questions for each grouping and subgrouping.

Set the curve values like this:

  • Plot value for age 0, index 100
  • Plot answer given for age X (answer to 5), index Y (answer to 2)

Based on the slope, plot a value for age Z, index 0 (a little trial and error until the slope, in general, looks like a continuous line)