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Create a Sign Prediction Group Example

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In this example, you want to create a prediction group for your signs and add the same points to the curve for both condition categories and Background Ra and Sign.

  1. Click >Asset Condition Manager
  2. Click the Prediction Groups tab.
  3. From the Asset Type field, select Sign.
  4. Select Create to create the Orange Background Prediction Group.
  5. Enter Orange Background for the Prediction Group.
  6. Click Filter and create a filter for signs with a Background Color of orange and a Legend Color of black.

Select the Default Prediction Group check box. If an asset does not fall into the filter of any prediction group, then the default prediction group is set as the asset's prediction group.

  1. Click Save.
  2. From the left hand side, select the Background Ra condition category.
  3. Click Edit Points.
  4. Enter 0 for the Year.
  5. Enter 100 for the Index.

Because this is a special Ra condition category, we also need to enter an Ra value.

  1. Set the Ra value to 400.
  2. Click +.

This first point is the default point.

  1. Enter 10 for the Year.
  2. Enter 0 for the Index.
  3. Enter 0 for the Ra.
  4. Click +.

This second point is the curve to an index of 0 and a Ra of 0 at year 10.

  1. Click Save.
  2. With the Background Ra condition category still selected, click Edit Points.
  3. Click Copy Points.
  4. To close the edit dialog, select Cancel.
  5. From the left hand side, select the Sign condition category.
  6. Click Edit Points.
  7. Click Paste Copied Points.

Because the sign condition category is not a special Ra condition category, it does not require RA values. In this case, the Ra values are ignored on the paste into the sign condition category. If you were pasting the values into the Legend Ra condition category, then the Ra values would not be ignored but also pasted into the points.

  1. Click Save.

The next time Estimated condition is calculated Orange Background, Signs have their prediction group set to Orange Background. The deterioration of the asset is predicted for each condition category using inspections, tasks, and the curve points we just added. The conversion of the Ra values to index values use the Ra curve points we added for Background Ra.