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Automation Example: Send Notification When a Task Is Completed With No Cost

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In this example, we will create an automation that sends an email when a task is completed with no cost.

  1. Click  >Automation Manager.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. In the Search for Trigger field, enter After task notification.
  4. Select Send a notification after a task is edited.
  5. Select the trigger block to activate it.

In the Properties panel, we'll search for a cost of 0 and a status of completed.

  1. In Select Field field, select Total Cost.
  2. In the Select Operator field, select Is (=).
  3. In the last field, enter 0.
  4. Click  Add.
  5. In Select Field, select Status.
  6. In the Select Operator field, select Is.
  7. In the last field, select Completed.
  8. Click  Add.
  9. In Select Field, select Status (initial values).

The fields with (initial values) represent what the value was before the edit was made. Fields without (initial values) represent the field's values after the edit..

  1. In the Select Operator field, select Is Not.
  2. In the last field, select Completed.

The two Status filters combined signify that the Status field's value has been changed to Completed in the current edit.

Now we will set up the email to be sent in the event the task is completed with no cost. 

  1. Drag the Send Email block to the Actions section.
  2. In the Properties panel, change the Title to Send email with completed cost 0.
  3. In the Select Recipient field, select CaseyT.
  4. In the Subject field, enter Task completed with no cost.
  5. In the Message field enter This task was completed with no cost.

To clarify to the recipient which task the email refers to, we'll select the trigger record's task ID and stop date.

  1. In the Record Source field, select Trigger Record.
  2. In Select Field, select Task ID.
  3. In the Select Field field, select Actual Stop Date.

This nearly completes our automation; now we need to give it a more distinct name, activate it, and save it.

  1. In the field near the top of the screen, change the name of the automation to Send notification for tasks with zero cost.
  2. Activate the automation by changing the switch to the on position.
  3. Click Save.

It's important to Activate and Save to make an automation run. If you have an incomplete automation that you don't want to run yet, you can save the incomplete automation without activating. Later, when you finish it, you should activate it and save it.