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Automation Example: Set Up Loop

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In this example, we will update all pavement records that are on 1st Street to make them concrete and two lanes, and the speed limit 25 miles per hour.

  1. Click >Automation Manager.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. In the Search for Trigger field, enter manual.
  4. Click Manually create or edit records in bulk.
  5. This example uses a loop, so drag the Loop Records block to the Actions section.
  6. Change the title to Street is 1st Street, not retired.
  7. In the Recordset field, select Pavement.
  8. In Select Field, select Street.
  9. In the Select Operator field, select Is.
  10. In the last field, select 1st Street.
  11. Click on the to set an additional filter.
  12. In Select field, select Retired.
  13. In Select Operator field, select Is Empty (Is Null).

This sets our loop. Next we will set some fields.

  1. Drag the Set Fields block to the Actions section and nest it under Loop Records.
  2. In the Properties panel, change the title to Set lanes, pavement class, speed.
  3. In the Resource Source field, select Street is 1st street, not retired.

We will select three fields and define some properties for them.

  1. In the Add Field field select Number of Lanes.
  2. In the Number of Lanes field, enter 2.
  3. Click Add Field again and select Pavement Classification.
  4. In the Pavement Classification box, select Concrete.
  5. Click Add Fields again and select Speed Zone.
  6. In the Speed Zone field, enter 25 and verify the units value is set to mph.

Each changed record will need to be saved as part of the automation, so we will set that part of the automation.

Drag the Save Record block to the Actions section and nest it in the Street is 1st Street, not retired block, under the Set lanes, pavement class, speed block.

To finalize the automation, it should be given a descriptive name, activated, and saved. Because this is a one-time automation, we will also run it right away.

  1. In the name field near the top of the screen, change the name to 1st Street pavement records; concrete, 2 lanes, 25 mph.
  2. Turn on the automation by sliding the switch to the on position.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Run now.

In order for an automation to run, it must be saved and activated. This allows you to save an incomplete automation that is not ready to run by saving without activating. Later, when you have completed the automation, you should activate it and save it.