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Automation Example: Use Shared Locations

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In this example, we will create an automation with a non-asset task that shares the location of the request to the new task.

  1. Click >Automation Manager.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. Search for the trigger request is created.
  4. Select create or edit records after a request is created.
  5. Change the title of the automation to Request Non-Asset Tasks.
  6. Drag the If Condition block from the left panel to the workspace in the center of the screen and click on the block to activate it and extend it.
  7. Change the title to Abandoned Vehicle.
  8. In the If field, select Issue Trigger Record.
  9. Select Is from the Select Operator field.
  10. Select Abandoned Vehicle from the last field.
  11. Drag the Create Task block from the left panel into the center workspace, and nest it under the Abandoned Vehicle block.
  12. Change the title to Create Investigate Task.
  13. We will add two fields. Select Spatial location from Add Field, and then select Request from the same field. Both fields will be added to the trigger panel.
  14. Select Non-Asset from the Asset Type field.
  15. In the Activity field, select Investigate.
  16. Set the start date to Today by selecting Today from the Start Date field.
  17. Set the stop date to Today by selecting Today from the Stop Date field.
  18. Link the Spatial Location to Request ID Trigger record; iLink_sm.png should already be displayed. Select Spatial Location Trigger Record from the field.
  19. We will also link the trigger record for the request. Change iDefault (2).png to iLink_sm.png next to the Request field, and then select Request ID Trigger Record from the Request field.
  20. Turn the automation on by sliding the switch to the On position, and click Save in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Automations must be activated and saved in order to run. This allows you to save an incomplete automation that isn't ready to run. Later, when you complete the automation, you should activate it and save it.