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Automation Example: Water Hydrant Gallon Per Minute Calculation

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This automation uses custom structure. Cartegraph recommends creating the fields that will vary upon each flow test on the Task recordset. You can use activity-based layouts to only show these fields on a flow test task. If there are fields that never change, place those on the Water Hydrant recordset.

This example shows how to calculate the gallons per minute (GPM) on water hydrants. Cartegraph recommends verifying the calculation in this example works for you before you implement it.

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Automation Manager.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. Select the Verify or perform a calculation before a task is saved trigger.
  4. Extend the trigger with the following filters.
    WaterHydrant AutoEx ExtendedTrigger.png

This makes sure the automation only runs when someone closes a task rather than other times the task is edited.

  1. Use a series of Condition blocks to validate that all of the required information has been entered, and use the Error Message block to report errors back to the user.
    WaterHydrant AutoEx SeriesOConditionBlocks.png
  2. Implement one last check to verify that the required fields are not empty.
    WaterHydrant AutoEx PitotOrificeNotEmpty.png
    WaterHydrant AutoEx TitlePitotOrificeIsNotEmpty.png
  3. Use a Set Fields block. Add the GPM field to this and set the field type to (s) Syntax; use an appropriate formula.

You could start with the following formula, but you may need to adjust it to work with your system:

WaterHydrant AutoEx TitleUpdatetheGPM.png