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Set Up Error Message Action in Automation Manager Example

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In this example, we'll set up an automation to prompt users to fill in the odometer reading before completing an equipment task, if the user hasn't already done so.

  1. Click >Automation Manager.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. Search for Task verify.
  4. Select Verify or perform a calculation before a task is saved.
  5. In the Properties panel, select If Asset Type.
  6. In the Operator field, select Is.
  7. Select Equipment.
  8. Click Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.56.38 PM.png.
  9. Set the AND filters to Status, Is, and Completed.
  10. Drag the Error message block to the Actions section.
  11. Drag the If condition block to the Actions section and nested it in the Error message block.
  12. Click on the If condition block to activate it.
  13. In the Title field, select If Usage.
  14. In the Is field, select Is Empty (is null)
  15. Select the Usage block to activate it.
  16. Set its properties Title to Usage Cannot be Null.
  17. Enter the text of the error message: When completing equipment task, usage field is required.

To finalize the automation, we need to give it a descriptive name that's different than the default name, activate it, and save it.

  1. Change the name to Change the odometer.
  2. Activate the automation by turning on the switch next to the title.
  3. Click Save.