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About Scheduled Processes

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Scheduled Processes

Scheduled Processes automatically run daily in the background to keep data up to date. They may take a long time to process, so they take place during what is typically after hours. The Scheduled Processes screen in Administration includes a log that shows the run results of scheduled processes.

 There are four processes managed by the Scheduled Processes:

  1. Synchronize GIS
  2. Recalculate Asset Condition
  3. Process Preventative Maintenance
  4. Create Repeating Work Orders

Synchronize GIS

This process integrates Cartegraph records with feature attributes in an Esri geodatabase. Any changes made to Cartegraph records that are part of an active GIS Integration in Cartegraph are synchronized to the corresponding feature attributes in ArcGIS. Similarly, changes made to Esri feature attributes are synchronized to the corresponding Cartegraph records. This process runs in the evening after work hours.

Recalculate Asset Condition

An asset's estimated condition declines over time, requiring the regular recalculation of data like Today’s Estimated OCI. This process runs in the evening after the GIS Synchronizer. It recalculates the asset condition for all nonretired assets.

Process Preventative Maintenance

This process uses condition-based triggers to create tasks, based on changes to an Asset's OCI or other plan criteria. The process runs early in the morning before typical work hours.

Create Repeating Work Orders

This process creates future work orders in advance of the work needing to be completed. It runs in the morning, after the Preventative Maintenance Processor.

Scheduled Process Screen

Morning and Evening Settings

These settings are only available for on-premises OMS deployments. Hosted deployments must consult with Cartegraph Support to adjust the schedule.

These settings control when the scheduled processes run and provide the ability to run them manually.

  • Adjust the run daily at settings to control when the scheduled processes launch. Best is during off-work hours. The Evening setting should account for any ArcGIS services being unavailable for GIS synchronization.
  • The Run Now buttons allow you to immediately run the Asset Condition Recalculator or the GIS Synchronizer. For the Recalculator, the list allows the recalculation to apply to all asset types or only a selected type.


The Scheduled Process Log shows the run results of the daily scheduled processes.

  • When a scheduled process runs, the process Run Start, Run Stop, and Run Result is recorded in the log.
  • If the Run Result is Completed With Errors, the errors also write to the log.
  • Anyone subscribed to the Scheduled Process Error notification receives a notification for processes with a Run Result of Completed With Errors.  For information on how to subscribe to a notification, refer to Subscribe to a Notification.
  • The system automatically deletes Run results older than 30 days.